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2024 Resonance Summit

Have you ever wondered WHY it’s so hard to stay reliably connected to playfulness, flexibility and social ease with other humans? 

What goes on in our nervous systems that makes authentic play so hard? 

If you want to hear straight from the mouths of neuroscientists and other researchers about why and how play works, and how to be in emergent and spontaneous delight more often, come to the 2024 Resonance Summit! 

If you’re hungry for neuroscience gems about the science of play and you crave a community of practice with other humans who long to play in ways that are supportive of belonging and wellbeing, please join me for the 5-day free Resonance Summit, with over 35+ workshops to choose from!

My presentation's title is 'Complex Truths About Our World in Crisis' on day 1 at 19:30CEST.

I invite you to register for free!


May I help you?

I offer mostly online sessions. Please directly contact me otherwise!

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