I love to dream of a world where only play and love are involved. Unfortunately few of us, and may be none of us, do fully experience that dream.

Instead you and me are sometimes experiencing terror, rage, fear, anxiety, panic, aloneness, disgust, frozenness. And, it could hinder our ability to function, to care for, to be willing to…


I believe that all what is happening to you make sense. You do make sense.


Still it is not always a very comfortable place to be, right?


And I believe that you and me do need accompaniment, because it is too tough alone.


For all these good reasons, I am dedicated to offer you a space of healing, growth of resilience to support you feeling better in this World.

One to One Session

My special way to accompany you is following along your path, following your calls and those of your body, with the knowledge of interpersonal neurobiology (IPBN), Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Transformational Coaching.


I offer one-to-one trauma informed coaching sessions, mostly online.


I invite you to contact me or take an appointment for a 30 min. ‘Discovery’ session in order to check if you and me could be a match!

Already curious to meet you!



I would love that you get the skills to enrich your life.


I am training you to be able to accompany yourself and others, with kindness and authenticity.


I offer :

  • Training in Resonance Healing

  • Training in Nonviolent Communication


For specific trainings, I invite you to visit the Articles and Events page, or contact me!


As our World is in perpetual movement and that I am keeping myself updated with new technics or scientific knowledges, I give keynotes (or presentations) to share with you the newest interpersonal discoveries for care and resilience.


For specific themes, I invite you to visit the Articles and Events page, or contact me!

If you like to get even more inspired about my work, I invite you to read my articles and the testimonies of my clients.