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A Bumblebee’s story

One day my father-in-law was cleaning the pond next to his house, as he always did each year in May, because it is what he had to do.

He saw a bumblebee in the water fighting in panic, its little legs were crazily moving in all directions, because that’s what fear make us do.

What next did my father-in-law? Did he ignore the bumblebee? Was he scared of it? Did he even have time to think? As we usually don’t do!

He scooped up the bumblebee with his hand, very carefully. And do you know what the bumblebee did? What bumblebees always do!

It stung my father-in-law’s hand.

Stunned by the burning pain, upset with the reaction of the bumblebee, with little time to think, do you imagine what my ‘in-law decided to do?

He opened his hand and let the Bumblebee fly away.

Author: Karine Audeguy

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