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An invitation to end and start the year

Updated: Mar 28

Exercise to do before the end of this year or whenever it is suitable for you!

Hi dear,


Before the new year, I invite you to do this little exercise:


Take 3 pieces of paper:

- On the first one, write all what you did not like in 2023, sadnesses, frustrations, falls, bad news, well everything 'negativ' for you,

- On the second one, write all what you like in 2023, joys, successes, surprises, well everything 'positiv' for you,

- On the third one, write all what you hope for 2024, projects, travels, dreams, well all your wishes which could help you to become even more happy, with serenity, in peace!




At midnight, burn the first paper, and keep the second and the third.

The second, for remembering of the beautiful things of 2023 during 2024.

The third, to check on the 31rst of December 2024, which wishes had been fullfilled in 2024, and to prepare yourself for 2025.

And more...


Good New Year Eve and best wishes to all your dreams!

See you soon in the next year!


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