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Are you willing to like yourself?

Updated: May 16, 2023

When I first read that question¹, I straight away answered: “Yes, of course!”.

Then, I noticed that my mind was wondering, a bit like taking spiral stairs down, and down, and down…

And I stopped.

Memories came back from critical self-talks from me and from my clients: “You are not doing enough!”, “You fucked it up!”, “ It is my fault”, “I am the only one responsible”, “No wonder that nobody like you”, “You put on weight so much”, etc..

What a surprise ! I realised how much this question “Are you willing to like yourself?” is triggering…

Feeling a bit of warm sadness around my eyes…

Taking time...

Of course I do want to like myself! Of course my clients want to like themselves!

Would you like to acknowledge that is like taking a bite of your heart realising that so much self-critic is present? Ouch! It hurts!

And would you like to shout out so loud that the whole earth could hear ? That…

Care and compassion shall be given to all without distinction.

Your self-talk makes sense somehow.

You do make sense.

Warm accompaniment is universal. And it starts with the willingness to receive it.

¹Peyton, S. (2021). Your Resonant Self Workbook. W. W. Norton & Company.

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