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Fear of not knowing?

By asking questions, you are entering the unknown… and it is scary…isn’t it?

At the beginning of a coaching relationship, some of my clients express - mostly non verbally – uneasiness.

However, it is not the coaching itself or me being a scary person that induces fear. It is the thoughts linked to the feeling of fear that contribute to this uneasiness.

Of course! This makes sense! You do make sense!

Would like to receive some acknowledgement that not knowing is scary? That you are longing for reassurance and safety?

Does it feel like that you just have thrown a stone into a stream and it disappears? And are you longing for reliability and a sense of return of your investments?

How does your body do now, if I may to ask?

Would you like to start your healing journey with me? I invite me to take a discovery call or contact me !


May I help you?

I offer mostly online sessions. Please directly contact me otherwise!

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