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Grief & Mourning work only if you are accompanied..

Updated: Jun 13

Alone, unfortunately, Grief & Mourning do not process and stay somewhere in the body..

Did you ever experience some pains that could not be explained, a bit like coming from nowhere?

It could be due to some blockages of a mourning process.

If you do need an accompaniment, I invite you to find the right person for you, i.e. the person who will you give warmth and clarity at the same time.

If you like to check if I could be that person, I invite you to drop me a line, send me an email and look at my website.

May the World be a nourishing place for you,


Would you like to start your healing journey with me?
I invite you to take a discovery call or contact me !


May I help you?

I offer mostly online sessions. Please directly contact me otherwise!

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