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What’s good about your 2 brain hemispheres?

With your left side of the brain you can get things done quickly! But you will do them alone..


With your right side of the brain you will feel lots of emotions! But you may be a bit challenged if these emotions are not all positive for you..


And there are so much good things about our 2 brain hemispheres!


The trouble is that one need the other ones!


For example, succeeding at your work can make you happy. Thought it could be much more fun to succeed and celebrate your successes with people you like, right?

For that you do need to have your right hemisphere on service!

Another example is “having too much emotions” and no words to express them..

Here you do need to connect with your left hemisphere in order to access languages!


If you do have challenges in connecting your two hemispheres in the way is most helpful for you, I invite you to find the right person for you, i.e. the person who will give you warmth and clarity at the same time.

If you like to check if I could be that person, I invite you to drop me a line, send me an email and look at my website.

May the World be a nourishing place for you,


Would you like to start your healing journey with me?
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May I help you?

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