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Your body will lead the way

Trauma Informed Coaching. Training. Keynotes

A space for healing and growing resilience to support you feeling better in this World.

Support group


Are you experiencing terror, rage, fear, anxiety, panic, shame and or aloneness?


This is not a very comfortable place to be, right?


I believe that you and I need accompaniment, because it is too tough alone.

I mainly offer online sessions. My services include:

• Trauma informed Coaching

• Training in Resonance Healing

• Training in Nonviolent Communication

• Key theme Presentation

I invite you to contact me or book an appointment for a 30 min. "Getting to Know" each other session in order to check if you and me could be a match!

Already curious to meet you!

If you like to get even more inspired about my work, I invite you to read my articles and testimonials form some of my clients.


Meet Karine

I am a compassionate listener, curious to understand how to “make our brain a kinder place to live” and love to offer seeds of healing.


My native language is French and I enjoy accompanying you in English too!


German is an option as an additional support while speaking in English. I long to offer you the best I can to accompany you.

Certification & Accreditation

Some of my practices and qualifications are:

Certified Professional Transformational Coach
Certified Practitioner of Resonant Healing
Certified Intercultural Business Trainer and Moderator –  IBT/M®
Certified Trainer in Radical Collaboration®

What My Clients Say

“Our session was deeply meaningful for me and I am grateful.  Your kindness and skill lifted me and opened the door to profound new insight."


Marilyn Hart-Hutchison, USA

Image by José Ignacio Pompé


I offer mainly online sessions. And I am happy to meet you in person, please contact me directly if this is best for you!

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